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Big News!

The Holistic Hashimoto’s Course is approved for HSA and FSA funds!

Read the details here and download a letter to give to your provider so that you can get the right documentation. 

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The Holistic Hashimoto’s Course


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Health with Hashimoto’s

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Holistic Root Cause Solutions

Do you know what may have led to your Hashimoto’s thyroiditis? More importantly, do you know what to do with that information so that you can take charge of your well-being? You will discover answers here!

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About Esther Yunkin, RN

Esther Yunkin smiling at camera with head resting on hand

Hi! I’m Esther! I’m the voice you hear when you listen to the Health with Hashimoto’s podcast.

I started working in healthcare as a CNA while a teen. After high school, I went directly to college for nursing. It has always been my desire to help others become healthier.

After many years in healthcare, I was so fed up and disillusioned with the broken system. I grew to hate how we never helped people truly get well, but instead slapped short term bandaids on chronic problems.

That’s what they do with Hashimoto’s, you know.

Instead of helping patients figure out WHY they have Hashimoto’s and what to do to address the root causes (the only way to truly heal,) practitioners hand out prescriptions that only fix one or two things. But giving you thyroid hormone in Levothyroxine/Synthroid/Armour doesn’t do anything to help your root causes so you can continue to worsen.

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When my fourth son was a baby (and I was unknowingly developing Hashimoto’s) I went back to school to learn about holistic health and become a Holistic Nurse Educator.

Now it is my passion and honor to help women figure out what is going on in their health and take appropriate action.

As an RN and a half-homeschooling mom of four boys (9-16,) I understand the challenges of balancing a bustling family life with the pursuit of optimal health.

I’m a firm believer in practical, actionable whole health – the kind that can be seamlessly integrated into even the busiest of schedules.

My Hashimoto’s pivot came when I was diagnosed. I was initially scared, confused, and quite overwhelmed by Hashimoto’s.

I immersed myself in a ton of Hashimoto’s information, determined to not only comprehend my condition but to also figure out how anyone can address the root causes of this autoimmune disease.

Today, armed with my background in Western medicine and Holistic health, a wealth of knowledge, and an unwavering commitment, I am dedicated to guiding others through this same journey.

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When your Hashimoto’s progresses without addressing the root cause(s), your autoimmune disease continues to worsen. That leads to more and more symptoms.

The Holistic Hashimoto’s Course