004 //Natural Remedies What can I take for Hashimoto’s disease?

Health with Hashimoto’s is the free weekly podcast where the exhausted mom can find a path to whole health.

Answering your questions: Can I just take something to fix my Hashimoto’s? What vitamins and supplements are good for hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s? What can I take naturally for Hashimoto’s disease?

In this episode we’ll discuss the 3 main causes of Hashimoto’s and what you can take to help your body in each of those areas.

You will find this episode below in audio format and a written summary because I know not everyone is an audio learner. Some links may be affiliate links that will not increase your price. Each episode is for informational and educational purposes. Please discuss any questions or concerns with your healthcare professional.

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Hashimoto’s 101 is your free guide to understanding Hashimoto’s thyroiditis so that you can create a path to health.

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What is Activation?

Here’s a video explaining the difference between activation and supplementation. After you watch it, you can return to this page to use the purchase link. Your best price comes by becoming a customer on subscription. Please connect with me with any questions or to learn how to join my team.

Three bottles: Protandim nrf2 synergizer, Daily Wellness, and Probio

Activation Products

This is where you’ll find nrf2 and nrf1 activators, Daily Wellness, Activated Collagen, and more.

Vitamin D bottle surrounded by a sun shape created by supplement tablets

Supplementation Products

This is where you can get very good quality vitamin D, “Core Minerals,” and other supplement products.

CBD Products

There are tons of CBD companies now! I’ve chosen to purchase from Lazarous Naturals because they deliver effective products of the highest quality at a low cost. Each item has a QR code so that you can verify the batch purity and quality.

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