046 // Wellness Wisdom: Navigating Change in Your Wellness Routine

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Have you made a change in your routine and are wondering how to evaluate if it’s working for you? Trial and error is just error unless you learn from it. In this episode of Health with Hashimoto’s, you will learn how long to try something new and how to determine if it is working for you. Customize your best health journey today!

You will find this episode below in audio format and a written summary because I know not everyone is an audio learner. Some links may be affiliate links that will support me without increasing your price.

Each episode of Health with Hashimoto’s is for informational and educational purposes. Please discuss any questions or concerns with your trusted healthcare professional.


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Nootropic (Brain Food)

Glass of ice with red drink. Text reads: say hello to the other 90% of your brain.

Activate your own powerful pathways

Blue bottle of protandim nrf2 surrounded by herbs

Ōura Ring health tracker

5 Oura rings stand on pillars

CBD with CBG & CBN

Bottle of Sleep Capsules (CBD, CBG, and CBN) from Lazarus naturals

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