074 // When to Ask for Help with Your Hashimoto’s

An important life skill is knowing when to ask for help. Recently, my boys were trying to use their new 3D printer. They faced challenges and it reminded me of the struggles we encounter in our health journey.

Much like solving 3D printing issues, finding solutions for your health requires the right guidance. That’s why I created the Holistic Hashimoto’s course.

Are you at a point where you need a reliable guide for your health, someone who can provide step-by-step solutions? If you’ve tried various approaches without success, this course is tailored for you. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

Health with Hashimoto’s is your free weekly podcast to explore the root causes of your autoimmune condition and discover holistic solutions to address your Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

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Closeup image of woman looking confused. Title of episode: When to ask for help with your Hashimoto's health journey.

From 3D Printing Frustration to Health Solutions: Know When to Ask for Help

Welcome to the Health with Hashimoto’s podcast! It’s the week of Christmas, and I absolutely adore this time of year, especially when there’s snow. However, I’m here in Minnesota, right at the top of the United States, and disappointingly, there’s no snow. It’s quite disheartening.

This season can be tough for many, particularly those who’ve experienced loss. The heaviness of grief is amplified during this time, and I want to acknowledge and empathize with those who may be feeling the weight of sadness. Christmas is a mix of emotions—full of both joy and sorrow. It’s okay to experience both simultaneously.

Whether your Christmas is filled with grief, joy, or a blend of both, I genuinely wish you a Merry Christmas! It’s a time when we celebrate the growing light, both literally and spiritually. Traditionally, across cultures, celebrations occur when emerging from dark days, and Christmas is no exception.

Finding Light in Christmas

I believe that we all do wrong things. It’s called sin. And when we do wrong things, there’s a consequence. It’s not based on our own rules because we don’t set the rules for sin. When I say and when I do wrong things. God sets the rules and the consequence. But God loved us so much that he sent his own son to take our punishment so we can have eternal life and that is why we celebrate Christmas.

Christmas holds a profound significance as it celebrates the gift of Jesus, who took on our punishment, offering the chance for eternal life.

Simple and Sustainable Strategies

Now, turning to today’s podcast episode, I’m here, as always, to share simple and sustainable strategies. It’s a philosophy I stand by—if it’s not simple, you won’t do it, and if it’s not sustainable, it won’t become a lasting part of your routine.

3D Printing Adventures: Lessons in Perseverance or Insanity?

Imagine the excitement of my boys finally getting their hands on a 3D printer after saving for ages, thanks to the Black Friday sales. The anticipation was palpable as they embarked on their journey, printing a quirky little boat that failed boating expectations by capsizing immediately. (But it did float—just upside-down.) Their enthusiasm knew no bounds as they envisioned printing various other items.

However, reality hit hard when, after a day of attempts, nothing seemed to work. Naturally, this happened right as I was packing for an out-of-state weekend trip, rendering me unable to troubleshoot their printing predicament. On the road, a quick message to a friend with 3D printing expertise provided a simple fix that got files flowing smoothly from the computer to the printer—cue the cheers!

Hope, Excitement, and Frustration

[I’m going to interrupt myself to explain how 3d printing works. The printer has a little extruder that goes around in a pattern and it lays down a little strip of molten plastic and then builds layers and layers of more molten plastic on top of that. So as it builds the layers of plastic, up forms your creation. You use software to tell the computer or the printer what to do.]

Yet, more challenges emerged, particularly with prints refusing to stick. It became a battle of perseverance and a touch of insanity—trying again and again until something worked, and sometimes feeling like we were stuck in an unending loop. If you’re unfamiliar with 3D printing, it’s a delicate dance where each layer builds upon the last, and if the foundation isn’t solid, the entire structure falters.


Parenting is Hard! (Teaching Kids to Ask For Help)

Balancing between solving problems for my boys and teaching them to troubleshoot has been a balancing act over the past few years. Two of my boys are teenagers. So I’m really trying to help them become more independent and learn how to solve things for themselves. I’m always willing to help them troubleshoot, or teach them how to do something, and I’ll even do it for them. But that is not giving them the skills. So I’ve been trying to back off on that. So I thought “this is a great! I don’t know anything about 3d printers. They wanted it. They know about it a little bit. So I’m going to let them figure things out and learn.”

Then I found one of them sitting, defeated, by the 3D printer YouTube on, printer off. He’d reached a breaking point. He was frustrated trying to figure out solutions. He needed the guidance of someone who could tell him exactly what to do.

He’d reached a breaking point. He was frustrated trying to figure out solutions. He needed the guidance of someone who could tell him exactly what to do.

By this time I was home from my trip and helping them troubleshoot and I am getting frustrated myself! I’m looking at the experts I’m looking at the instructions. I’m reading the manufacturers stuff. I’m reading everything I can to figure out what is going on.

When to Ask for Help

Then, unsure of what to do next, I texted my friend, the expert and told her what was going on. She texted back, “Do you have time to hop on a call?”

Yes! I was at the end of my rope I needed expert help. And here’s where I turn it to Hashimoto’s and your health. This same process is what we do with our health.

How often have you felt the need for someone to solve a problem for you? When you’ve tried solving your problem, looked online for help, and are just stuck, sometimes, you require an expert to walk alongside you, providing solutions one step at a time.

Finding Help on Social Media & in Books

We find a wealth of information from platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. While these outlets offer valuable knowledge and assistance, there’s also a fair share of quackery and misguided advice. Sorting through the mix of good and bad advice can be overwhelming. Trying to follow everyone’s guidance may lead you in 500 different directions, leaving you unsure about what’s best for your health.

You may move away from social media and read books. These have been subjected to an editorial process and reviewed by medical professionals, so they offer more reliability than online information. Books, although prone to becoming outdated, provide a structured approach. Yet, even with a wealth of information, you may still find yourself unsure about your next steps.

When I was chasing some answers, it felt like I was always coming to my husband saying, ” this is the next thing that I’m going to do; it’s going to work. … Then, a couple weeks later, “umm, that didn’t work. But this next thing I found will work.” … Then a couple weeks later, “okay, so that last thing? It helped a little bit, but it’s still not quite doing what I was hoping. So this next thing, this is going to work!”

The Frustrating Cycle of Seeking Answers in Health

It’s a frustrating cycle. You’re wasting your time. You’re constantly hoping and then you’re discouraged. And then you’re hoping again and then you’re discouraged again. And in that meantime, you’re also spending money to chase that hope. And you’re spending your time implementing and trying to get that hope and the answer and it’s not working.

This uncertainty mirrors the frustration of needing someone to guide me personally in my 3D printing problems. In your health, you want expert help tailored to your situation. No more guessing. No more following tips that won’t work.

Expert Guidance for Those with Hashimoto’s

Enter the Holistic Hashimoto’s course—a guide specifically designed for those who find themselves at the point of needing their next step. Rather than overwhelming you with five, ten, or twenty steps down the road, this course provides the precise guidance you need, addressing the frustration of constantly hoping for solutions that seem to keep slipping away. If you’ve been on this rollercoaster of seeking answers, investing time, money, and effort, it’s time to break the cycle with a tailored approach to your health.

I know you’re struggling, so I’ve got The Holistic Hashimoto’s course for you. Are you at that point in your health where you need a reliable guide? Perhaps you’ve tried different approaches, but nothing seems to stick, and the so-called solutions only make things worse.

If you’re ready for life-changing answers, this course is tailored for you. Overcoming health challenges often requires the right guidance.

Ask for Help & Get a Lifeline

If you’re following my Instagram stories, you’ve likely seen my adventures in 3D printing. Each print carries with it a lesson I had to learn—the importance of asking for help. Witnessing those prints, think about this crucial takeaway: it’s perfectly fine to seek expert guidance. Sometimes, achieving your goals and desires requires collaboration to navigate your very next step.

I understand the frustrations of seeking answers, the emotional rollercoaster of hoping, trying, and feeling discouraged. I’ve been there, both with 3D printing and my health journey.

The Holistic Hashimoto’s course is not just a program; it’s a lifeline, a guide that ensures you know precisely what your next move should be. Your journey towards lasting wellness begins with this course.

So, take a bold step. Click here to enroll now and embark on this transformative journey with my guidance. Don’t let another moment pass without taking charge of your health. The Holistic Hashimoto’s course is your ticket to a brighter, healthier future.

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Closeup image of woman looking confused. Title of episode: When to ask for help with your Hashimoto's health journey.
Hand reaching up as if asking for help. Title of episode: When to ask for help with your Hashimoto's health journey.
Closeup image of woman looking confused. Title of episode: When to ask for help with your Hashimoto's health journey.