About Esther

Esther Yunkin smiling at camera with head resting on hand

Hashimoto’s – Conventional Medicine – Holistic Health

Registered Nurse

After 17 years working as an RN in emergency departments around the country, I grew fed up with only putting bandaids on chronic problems. So I went back to school and became a Holistic Health Educator and Coach.

I help women with Hashimoto’s regain their energy and create wellness through simple and sustainable strategies without overwhelm so that they can feel like themselves again, be present with those they love, and create a legacy of health.

As a wife, mom to four boys, homeschool teacher, entrepreneur/business owner, and church volunteer, I understand busy! I know that while our roles might be different, you are just as busy. I know that for women to make progress in their health, things need to be simple and sustainable.

I help women diagnosed with Hashimoto’s to find hope, healing, and energy without becoming overwhelmed with all the “shoulds” of an autoimmune disease.

I help women create a legacy of health.

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