060 // Why do women get Hashimoto’s? (Root Causes part 1)

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Why do women get Hashimoto’s? In this episode of Health with Hashimoto’s, you’ll learn the 8 root causes of this autoimmune disease. Knowledge is power, and understanding your triggers can pave the way for holistic wellness.

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Articles/Studies: Vitamin D dosing recommendations

Products: Vitamin D3 with K2, calcium, and other trace minerals

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What is your top Hashimoto’s problem? Do you struggle with fatigue and low energy levels (mental and/or physical,) weight, mood, or something else?

All of these symptoms stem from the same root cause: your Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

Let’s work together to uncover the number one thing you can do next to begin regaining your health.

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Woman's neck with a cartoon thyroid gland overlayed. Text reads "root causes of autoimmune thyroid disease"
Woman's neck with a cartoon thyroid gland overlayed. Text reads "the top 8 reasons women develop thyroid problems"
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