FAQ: Can I use my HSA or FSA funds?

green and purple plants flat under image of the Holistic Hashimoto's Course preview. Text reads: The Holistic Hashimoto's course is approved for HSA and FSA payment.

YES! I can officially accept payments from HSA/FSA accounts!

There is, of course, a caveat. (The use of these funds is dictated by the government after all.)

HSA/FSA money can only be used for diagnosed medical problems. You can take the Holistic Hashimoto’s Course using your pre-tax dollars if your doctor/provider believes this will help in your treatment/healing plan.

You see, the government doesn’t promote prevention or general wellness. They expressly say you cannot use HSA/FSA money for those purposes.

Thankfully, my Holistic Hashimoto’s Course is designed for people with Hashimoto’s. While, as an RN, I cannot make claims to heal you, I can confidently state that this course addresses the root causes of Hashimoto’s. True healing always involves fixing the root causes.

Disclaimer: It is up to you to obtain documentation from your doctor to prove to the IRS that this is a medical expense. To help, I created a letter you can download and send to your doctor/provider to get that documentation.

green and purple plants flat under image of a medical letter. Text reads: need documentation? Here’s a letter you can give to your medical provider.