042 & 043 // Transform Your Year

Your Holistic Mid-Year Health Evaluation and Roadmap

Health with Hashimoto’s is the free weekly podcast where the exhausted mom can find a path to whole health.

Do you take time to reflect and set goals at the start of summer?

Here is a free workshop to help you evaluate your holistic health and choose what to focus your next goals on. This workshop is free and already in your favorite podcast app, ready for you to listen and take action. 

In part one, you will look at your physical health, mental health, spiritual health, diet, and environment. In part two you will craft a simple and SUSTAINABLE path towards your goals. Make sure to download the free workbook to guide you as you go through this mid-year check-in.

You can participate in this workshop by listening to episodes 42 and 43 of The Health with Hashimoto’s podcast. These two episodes are for *every* woman interested in holistic health. 

Each episode of Health with Hashimoto’s is for informational and educational purposes. Please discuss any questions or concerns with your trusted healthcare professional.

Free Workbook for Episodes 42 & 43

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Part 1: The Holistic Mid-Year Health Evaluation You Need

Part 2: Creating the Change you Want Most

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