061 // Revealing the root causes of your own Hashimoto’s so that you can take effective action

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In order to make a difference in your Hashimoto’s healing journey, you must know what is causing the problems. Here is part two of the root causes of Hashimoto’s. In today’s episode, you’ll be able to figure out why YOU might have Hashimoto’s. Then you can take action. Because when your Hashimoto’s progresses without addressing the root cause(s), your autoimmune disease continues to worsen. That leads to more and more symptoms.

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Green leaves of a seedling with white roots exposed in water. Text reads: what are the root causes of Hashimoto's?
holistic hashimoto's
Green leaves of a seedling with white roots exposed in water. Text reads: reveal the root causes of your own Hashimoto's so that you can take effective action