Hashimoto’s is Not Your Fault

Hashimoto’s is not your fault.

This episode was inspired by a woman who felt like she wasn’t manifesting hard enough or positive enough, by Job’s three accusing friends, and by a red flag at a church emphasizing faith healing. Hashimoto’s is not your fault.

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Heart sketched in vapor on a window. Text reads: Hashimoto's is not your fault. Health with Hashimoto's episode 93

Hashimoto’s is NOT Your Fault.

Hashimoto’s is not your fault. This is a statement that I want you to hear loud and clear. I want you to understand this deeply. Hashimoto’s is not your fault.

Having Hashimoto’s, or any autoimmune condition, is not something you brought upon yourself. Sure, there might be factors that contributed to it, things you might have been exposed to, or lifestyle choices that could have acted as triggers or root causes. But placing blame on yourself is not the answer. It’s not your fault. It’s not a burden you brought upon yourself.

Today’s episode was triggered by a blend of hurtful stories and concepts from manifesting, faith healing, and Job’s friends. There are so many people who have been accused of causing their own suffering. Their accuser might be a friend, relative, or even themself. This truth needs to be heard, understood, and embraced: Hashimoto’s is not your fault.

Sickness and Misfortune Were Not Job’s Fault

Job, a Biblical figure renowned for his righteousness, faced a series of devastating trials. Despite his blameless life, tragedy struck relentlessly. He lost his family, his possessions, and even his health. Yet, amidst his suffering, Job remained faithful to God.

What’s striking about Job’s story is how his friends reacted to his misfortune. Instead of offering solace, they wrongly accused him of being responsible for his own suffering. They insinuated that Job must have somehow deserved his afflictions, that he brought them upon himself through his actions.

But here’s the truth: Job was blameless. He hadn’t committed any wrongdoing to warrant such immense suffering. His afflictions were not his fault.

This narrative from the Book of Job serves as a reminder for those navigating Hashimoto’s or any other health challenge. Just as Job’s suffering wasn’t his fault, neither is yours. Blame and guilt have no place in the journey toward healing. So, hold onto this truth: Hashimoto’s is not your fault.

Manifesting Health or Disease – It’s Still Not Your Fault

In the book “Fatal Inheritance” by Lawrence Ingrassia, there’s a sad and maddening story about a sister grappling with cancer. Despite her unwavering outward positivity and staunchly verbalizing belief in her recovery, her journal revealed a different truth. Behind her brave facade, she harbored fear and uncertainty about her fate.

This story highlights the pressure to manifest healing through sheer willpower and positivity. There’s a notion that if you just believe hard enough, illness can be overcome. But this ideology can be misleading and damaging.

Many are influenced by a philosophy of manifestation or positivity. It subtly suggests that if you fall ill, it’s because you didn’t try hard enough or weren’t positive enough. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s essential to recognize that sickness, whether it’s cancer or Hashimoto’s, is not your fault. Blaming yourself for your condition only adds an unnecessary burden to an already challenging journey.

While there may be instances where our actions contribute to illness, we inhabit a world with sickness, disease, and death. So, let go of the guilt and remember: having Hashimoto’s is not your fault.

Faith Healing: Spiritual Health Does Not Equal Physical/Mental Health

The concept of faith healing, particularly its oversimplified link between spiritual and physical well-being, can be damaging. While the Bible does talk about the link between your spiritual health and your physical and/or mental health, it is not guaranteed.

Sure, there’s a connection between spiritual and physical health. I’ve explored this relationship in previous episodes, emphasizing the importance of holistic well-being. However, it’s crucial to recognize that spirituality is just one facet of our being. We’re multifaceted individuals, encompassing body, mind, and spirit, each deserving attention and care.

While spiritual health can bring peace and purpose, it doesn’t guarantee healing from physical or mental illness. The belief that rectifying spiritual shortcomings will automatically resolve physical ailments is misguided. Such oversights can lead to harmful judgments and misplaced blame.

Just as the flower in my logo comprises five petals (spiritual, physical, mental, dietary, and environmental) our overall health results from the interaction of these components. While spiritual health contributes to our well-being, it’s not the sole determinant of physical or mental health.

Let’s reject simplistic narratives that assign blame to the sick and instead promote a holistic approach to health and wellness. Remember, it’s not your fault if you’re unwell.

Having Hashimoto’s is Not Your Fault

Amidst the pressures exerted by various beliefs and communities, one thing remains clear: it is not your fault if you’re sick. While mindset certainly influences our well-being, there’s no need to carry the burden of blame. Seeking support and community is crucial; it impacts every aspect of our health positively. Remember, healing can come from various sources, including divine intervention and medical treatment. So, release any feelings of shame or guilt. You’re doing your best, and it’s not your fault that you have Hashimoto’s.

Your Next Step: The Holistic Hashimoto’s Course

As we conclude, remember, you’re not to blame for your health struggles. It’s about understanding where you are now and taking steps forward.

That’s why I’ve created the Holistic Hashimoto’s Course. It’s designed to guide you through personalized strategies for your journey. So, when you’re ready to take control of your health, join me in the course. Download the Health with Hashimoto’s app on iPhone or Android.

Start with the Hashimoto’s Decoded free mini course, then transition into the Holistic Hashimoto’s Course. Together, we’ll navigate the path to better health—no shame or guilt included!

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Heart sketched in vapor on a window. Text reads: Hashimoto's is not your fault. Releasing the shame of faith-healing and manifesting.
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