077 // Why short-term diets can backfire if you have Hashimoto’s

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In this episode, uncover the truth about short-term diets, discover the power of cultivating a sustainable lifestyle mindset, and explore daily strategies for addressing the root causes of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

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List of Diets by Decade from LiveStrong

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Navigating Hashimoto’s: A Journey of Root Causes and Holistic Solutions

Welcome back to the Health with Hashimoto’s podcast! This is where you get to explore the root causes of your autoimmune condition and discover holistic solutions to address those root causes. Knowing the problems is one thing, being able to address them is something else entirely and I want you to be able to do both.

I am Esther, I am a registered nurse. I am a Holistic Health Educator and I am a Hashimotos warrior. I have been on my own journey to find better health and healing. I have been watching my antibodies go down. I’ve been watching all of my labs come back into more normal ranges and my goal is abundant health. My goal is vibrant health so that I can be present for my family. I can show up in the world like I want to like I know that I can.

From Personal Struggles to Abundant Health

You, like me, have goals to live life, not just survive. I’m happy to report that I am not a chronically exhausted pigeon like I used to be. I used to take a nap every single day. I had like a low grade depression. Well it turns out both of those things can be directly caused by Hashimotos and hypothyroid. And I want you to have the best health possible to so today we’re going to talk about root causes and what you can do. My ultimate goal is to empower you to break free from the grip of chronic exhaustion and reclaim your well-being.

Diet Mindset vs. Lifestyle Change

In today’s discussion, we’re tackling a timeless dilemma – the clash between the traditional diet mindset and the transformative approach of lifestyle change. The history of diets spans centuries, and as we explore this dichotomy, we’ll draw parallels to your Hashimoto’s journey. It’s not just about what you eat; it’s about embracing a holistic lifestyle that fosters lasting well-being. Join me as we navigate this terrain with the wisdom of both history and personal experience.

Dieting Through the Ages

Let’s take a journey through time and explore the history of diets. Back in the Victorian era, or perhaps even earlier, people embarked on the path of dieting. The first written record of the diet mentality emerged in the 1500s!

Livestrong.com provides insights into popular diets spanning decades. How many have you heard of? This chart is from https://www.livestrong.com/article/13764583-diet-statistics/

Diets by Decade from live strong.com

The Pitfalls of Goal-Based Diets

All these diets have one common thread – they are goal-based. Whether it’s achieving a certain weight, size, or fitness level, individuals follow a set plan until the goal is reached. The problem lies in what happens next. Once the goal is attained, many people abandon the actions that got them there. This cycle is not sustainable for long-term health.

Unfortunately, 23% of individuals give up on their diet goals within one week, and only 19% persist if they have a 2-year goal. The allure of promises fades, and the cycle of setting and abandoning goals continues. In the realm of health, especially when dealing with conditions like Hashimoto’s, the aim is sustained well-being over a lifetime, not a short-lived improvement.

Many diets rely on willpower rather than habit formation. While some, like Weight Watchers, emphasize daily habits, the majority are still rooted in willpower-based approaches. Over 55% of people have attempted at least six diets, reflecting the challenge of sustaining these goal-centric endeavors.

Rethinking the Approach for Hashimoto’s

When addressing Hashimoto’s and its impact on metabolism and weight, a shift in mindset is essential. Instead of fixating on reaching a specific number or size, let’s focus on cultivating daily habits and a mindset that promotes long-term well-being. Daily actions become the cornerstone of sustainable health for those navigating the challenges of Hashimoto’s.

In the realm of health, simplicity is key. As you’ve come to know through this podcast, I’ve always aimed to provide you with simple and sustainable strategies. Why? Because it’s the daily, uncomplicated actions that truly matter. These actions compound over time, shaping your health journey.

Now that it’s cold outside (-2F, -19C today) I get a fire going each morning to help warm our house. When I light it, it’s a whole lot easier to get going if there are embers from the day before. Just like lighting that fire, what you do today impacts tomorrow. When you consistently follow these daily practices, it becomes easier, much like finding embers from a previous fire.

Embracing Consistency in Daily Actions

Similarly, with your health, daily actions lay the foundation for sustained well-being. Even if you miss a day or two, returning to those daily actions is simpler because your goal isn’t a fixed destination; it’s a commitment to daily practices.

A Diet Mindset with Hashimoto’s: Medications as a Singular Solution

What is a typical “diet mindset” in Hashimoto’s? It is looking just at medications. The belief is that taking a specific medication will restore normalcy to life. It’s seen as a remedy that promises improved energy, a revved-up metabolism, and a fix for everything that’s slowed down.

Hypothyroidism, characterized by a general slowing down of bodily functions, affects various aspects of your life. From cognitive functions causing brain fog and depression to changes in hair growth leading to hair loss, the impact extends to metabolism, energy levels, and overall vitality. All of these things are as a result of your thyroid not pumping out enough thyroid hormone or your body is not converting it from the inactive form (T4) to the active form (T3). While medications have an important role in hypothyroid management, it’s crucial to move beyond the singular focus on medications and consider a holistic approach to address the multifaceted challenges of Hashimoto’s.

Root Causes: Lessons from Plant Care

Side by side image of plants with damaged leaves and spray bottle to keep the cats away
Drawing parallels between plant care and our health journey is helpful. Imagine the leaves of your house plant browning, usually a lack of water, but it could have other causes. Now, in my case, some leaves are turning brown because of my cats that chew on them. The real issue lies at the root cause – the cats. The leaves’ problem is not merely a surface concern but a deeper one rooted in the behavior of the cats. So, I’ve taken measures to address this at the cat level. Whenever they approach my planter, a quick spray serves as a deterrent.

Usually, however, the leaves of my plants turn brown because I forget to water them. In that case, spraying the leaves alone won’t fix the underlying problem. The leaves need more than a quick spritz of the leaves–I have to water the roots. But even then, I must focus on both of the root causes of my current brown leaf problem. If I solely focus on preventing the cats from accessing the planter without watering the roots, the leaves suffer. I have to do both.

What Root Causes Are Impacting Your Symptoms?

This situation reflects a fundamental truth – addressing what’s causing the problem is key. A balanced approach involves both keeping the cats out and regularly watering the plants. The same principle applies to our health. Merely applying surface-level solutions won’t lead to lasting improvements. We must delve into the root causes and adopt holistic strategies for enduring well-being.

Medications and Root Causes

Let’s address a crucial aspect – the medications prescribed to manage Hashimoto’s. Your doctor didn’t provide medication arbitrarily; there was a reason. The underlying issue was a deficiency in thyroid hormone, as indicated by your lab results. However, medication isn’t a root cause solution. While it supplements the thyroid hormone your body lacks, it doesn’t address what is causing the imbalance.

The true culprit behind Hashimoto’s lies in the immune system’s erratic behavior. The immune system goes haywire, leading to dysfunction. Identifying the root causes becomes paramount in tackling Hashimoto’s effectively. Episodes 60 and 61 are dedicated to helping you identify your specific root causes. In your body, if you depend solely on medication without understanding and addressing the root causes, the immune system’s assault on your thyroid endures.

Long-Term Consequences

Consider the fate of my plants – continuous attacks from the cats will eventually lead to the demise of the plants. Similarly, merely relying on medication without mitigating the root causes allows the destructive forces to persist at a cellular and organ level. Your thyroid remains under siege, and for long-term success, we must halt this ongoing assault. It’s time to shift our focus from merely suppressing symptoms to actively addressing the root causes and fostering true healing.

You want to take control of your health! You want to make a difference in your health. You don’t want to just take a pill and let the root causes continue to destroy your thyroid. You want to take action. You want to be empowered. And that is why you’re listening to this podcast episode because you know daily simple actions are so powerful and they add up.

What’s the Right Plan For You?

So what are the daily simple actions that you need to be taking I don’t know. It depends on what your root causes are. Every single person is unique. And if I tell you what works for one person, it might not work for you because you’re unique. If you want to know what daily actions are going to be most effective for you. Then you need to figure out what your root causes are.

The easiest way to move forward in this is to join the Holistic Hashimoto’s course because the first thing we do is go over those root causes. Next, I will help you address whichever ones are unique to you. I give you simple and sustainable steps because I want you to build a lifestyle of health. I want you to be able to make a difference in your long term health. You are worth it. You’re valuable to all of those around you, you matter.

Your health matters because your health impacts how you show up in the world, how you show up for yourself, how you show up for those around you, how you live, and how you love. Your health is important because you are important.

Join the Holistic Hashimoto’s course today. If you are one of the first students of 2024, you’ll enjoy the 20-in-’24 discount!

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